Last updated 20 March.

The ACEM Winter Symposium 2019 is accredited for 19.25 ACEM CPD hours that excludes; sponsored breakfast, optional activities, dinner and lunch on the final day.

The CPD Category Group Learning covers activities that are undertaken with the aim of contributing continued professional development, within an individual, workplace or wider context.  This activity will be recorded to your CPD Online record on your behalf as a member benefit.


Tuesday 30th April

0830 - 1700 Registration open
0900 - 1600
Workshop one:
Whakarewarewa Redwoods Forest rescue
Note: this workshop is offsite

Dr Paul Blakemore

Workshop two:
Te Rongoā Māori bush walk (Immersive Māori medicine experience)
Note: this workshop is offsite

Donna Kerridge
0900 - 1200
Workshop three:
ACEM Core procedural skills

Dr Lynn Theron
Workshop five:
Radiology Masterclass

Barbara Hochstein
1200 - 1300 Lunch
1300 - 1600
Workshop six:
Advanced Airway

Dr Christopher Low, Dr Finn Coulter, Rachael Bentall, Owen Callendar and Kim Heus 
Workshop seven:
Indigenous cultural competency

Wairangi Jones
Workshop eight:
Happiness through mindfulness and compassion

Tony Fernando
1800 - 2100 Te Wero - Welcome Reception
Te Puia - Rotorua

Wednesday 1st May

0700 - 1700 Registration and information desk open
0900 - 0920 hiri

The pōhiri is a traditional ceremony of encounter between hosts (tangata whenua) and visitors (manuhiri). In days of old it was a process of determining if visitors were friend or foe. 

Today, pōhiri are conducted to welcome visitors in a centuries old process consisting of wero (ceremonial challenge performed by a toa - warrior), karanga (ceremonial calling performed by wahine - females), haka pōhiri (traditional combined female/male haka of welcome), speeches of welcome and acknowledgement and waiata (songs of support). Pōhiri extend manaakitanga (paying respect/generosity) to visitors where connections through genealogies is paramount.

Kapa Haka Performance
Performed by Raukura Kapa Haka group from Rotorua Girls and Boys High School 

0920 - 1030 Plenary one: (Chair Peter Freeman)

Opening address
Tame Iti

Keynote: Rising to the Challenge
Dr Jan Bone
1030 - 1100 Morning tea and exhibition
1100 - 1300 Plenary two: Surviving and Thriving (Chair Ruth Large)
Personal sustainability:  Resilience and longevity in Emergency Medicine.  As we start our exploration of challenges in Emergency Medicine this morning's session will encompass personal journeys of obstacles traversed and offer tools to enable not just survival but thrival.

ED Entomology: A tale from the Resus Room
Dr Clare Skinner

Thrive accentuating the positive in ED department
Dr Johanne Egan 

Surviving and thriving as a rural GP
Dr Martin Mikaere 

Fourth speaker TBC

The above speakers will present for 20 minutes and a panel session will follow with Jan Bone and Andrea Johnston.
1300 - 1400 Lunch and exhibition
1400 - 1530
Concurrent Session 1a (Chair Christine Brabyn)
The Challenges of and for children in ED

The challenges of Neonatal Resuscitation
Dr Sarah Jamison 

The challenges of paediatric prehospital and retrieval medicine
Dr Heidi Baker 

Paediatric decision support:  Head injury & concussion
Dr Dustin Ballard 

Inequities and the provision of acute paediatric healthcare in New Zealand
Dr Johan Morreau
Concurrent Session 1b (Chair David Levy)
Surfing the silver tsunami

The challenge of the aging EP workforce
Emmanuel Jo

Followed by a panel discussion with:
Scott Pearson, Dr Willem Landman, Ellen Burkett and Christopher Giedt

Concurrent Session 1c (Chair Phil Gartland)
Free Papers

USS credentialing 
Dr Cris Zollo

Frontal approach versus standard intubation (FAST IN): a manikin study
Dr Fergus Morris

Retrospective validation of a risk stratification tool developed for management of patients with blunt chest wall trauma
Dr Charlotte May

A systematic review and meta-analysis of oral paracetamol versus combination oral analgesics for acute musculoskeletal injuries
Dr Gemma Scott 
1530 - 1600 Afternoon tea and exhibition
1600 - 1645 Plenary three: Panel: Launch of the ACEM Strategy Manaaki Mana: Excellence in Emergency Care for Māori (Chair John Bonning)
Nau mai, haere mai! Join us for an interactive session to launch ACEM's inaugural strategy to deliver equity for Māori in EDs, led by the Manaaki Mana Steering Group.

Inia Tomash, Co-chair of the Manaaki Mana Steering Group
Kate Anson, Co-chair of the Manaaki Mana Steering Group
Simon Judkins, ACEM President
Dr John Bonning, ACEM President Elect
1730 - Late Redwoods Tree Top walk and Nightlights followed by the option of Dinner at the Terrace Kitchen Beer tasting with Geoff Griggs followed by the option of Dinner at the Terrace Kitchen

Thursday 2nd May

0700 - 1700 Registration and information desk open
0730 - 0845 Women in Emergency Medicine Breakfast: Challenges & Opportunities
Kim Hansen, Dr Clare Skinner, Vanessa Thornton

Each speaker will talk for 15 minutes, followed by a panel discussion at the end
Sponsored Breakfast Session by Abbott Point of Care
0900 - 1030 Plenary four: Vivre la difference! (Chair John Bonning)
The journey from 1993 to 2019 .......the Northern most country in the UK to the Shakey Isles of New Zealand via the diverse landscape of Australia. Vivre La difference!

Keynote: Emergency Medicine as a key indicator of a civilised society: UK vs NZ 
Dr Tim Parke

4 decades of emergency medicine - the challenges change, but they don't go away
Prof Ian Rogers 

Third speaker TBC
1030 - 1100 Morning tea and exhibition
1100 - 1300 Plenary five: How can we help clinicians and inform patients to 'Choose wisely' (Chair Suzanne Moran)
Medicine's much vaunted ability to help the sick/injured is soon to be outstripped by our propensity to harm the healthy.  Here is your opportunity to hear from the coalface how we can aid patients and our community to 'Choose Wisely'.

HealthPathways – clinical guidelines as a social movement
Prof Mike Ardagh

Pathways - the challenges of implementing care bundles 
Dr Cecilia Rademeyer

An evidence based algorithmic approach to imaging in ED
Dr Andrew Klava

Over investigation/diagnosis: is the CRP is the last bastion of the clinically destitute? 
Dr John Bonning 
1300 - 1400 Lunch and exhibition
Poster Q&A presentations
1400 - 1530
Concurrent Session 2a (Chair Amanda Holgate)
Clinical updates

The clots guide to AF in ED
Dr David Mountain

An update on contemporary trauma management

A/Prof Tony Joseph

Love or hate the lactate
Grant Cave

Disordered Thoughts: Mental Health in the ED
Dr Clare Skinner
Concurrent Session 2b (Chair Gaynor Prince)
Retrieval, travel, expedition and event medicine

USS in austere environments
Gaynor Prince

Tonga EM
Dr Owen Doran

The challenge of head injuries in mountain biking
Tom Reynolds and Ben McHale

Per capita, as many people die in New Zealand as in France from avalanches.
Your challenge is to be ICAR competent to save more lives. NZ specific perspective of avalanche patient rescue
Dr Malin Zachau
Concurrent Session 2c (Chair TBC)
Rural regional Emergency Medicine and cultural equity

Equity is Quality - kua takoto te manuka
Max Raos

FACEMs in Rural Hospitals: A square peg in a round hole? 
Jared Bayless and Sophie Parnham

Metro or rural - which is the greater challenge?
A/Prof Sally McCarthy

Creation of a new retrieval service in Alice Springs:  The challenge of change and how to measure the quality of service provision in a pre-hospital environment.
Dr Petra Niclasen
1530 - 1600 Afternoon tea and exhibition
1600 - 1700 Plenary six: The Challenge of being a patient (Chair Peter Freeman)
To round off the penultimate Symposium day allow yourself to be challenged by three former patients with stories to tell.

I got hit by a logging truck and survived!
Lisa Rendell

Peter shocked me!
Wairangi Jones

The less conventional way to get to work
Nicola Kirkham
1900 - late Gala Dinner - Blue Baths 

Friday 3rd May

0830 - 1400 Registration and information desk open
0900 - 1030 Plenary seven: (Chair Kate Allan)
Keynote: Challenges in the pre-hospital field
Dr Tim Parke

Keynote: "You, me, us"
Dr Jan Bone
1030 - 1100 Morning tea and exhibition
1100 - 1200 Plenary eight: Challenge the Presidents, past, present and future (Chair Peter Freeman with Ruth Large monitoring Q&A function on the ACEM Winter Symposium App)
How often do you get a chance to Challenge the past, present and future ACEM Presidents? What will Emergency Medicine become over the next decade and how will the College direct that journey.  The final session will give an opportunity for these College leaders to respond to the Challenges facing Emergency Medicine and answer delegate questions via the Q&A function on the ACEM Winter Symposium App, don't miss it!

A/Prof Sally McCarthy, ACEM Past President
Anthony Lawler, ACEM Past President
Simon Judkins, ACEM President
Dr John Bonning, ACEM President Elect
1200 - 1215 Closing remarks
1215 - 1300 Light lunch